Bay Windows – Tips and Ideas for Dressing Large Window Areas

If you are fortunate to live in a Victorian property or other similarly designed home, you may have inherited those wonderful, large bay windows at the front of your property.

Not only can windows of this size be great for extra light and indeed space but they also make a great feature point for your home and there is plenty you can do to enhance them and make them look amazing!

upvc bay windowsIf your bay window is on the ground floor and depending on what you have decided to use the room for, you could build in a window seat. If the main purpose of the room is for a living area, this makes perfect sense and creates at least an extra four seats, which can really come in handy if you are having a party or hosting some other special event.

For an added flourish, you could dress the seat with scatter cushions and if you use a contemporary design such as butterflies or birds, then your room will also have a very modern feel.

Perhaps the room in question is used as a dining area, in which case, positioning the dining table in the space provided by the bay window means you could then use the window seat as extra dining space for up to four extra guests.

Dressing the window itself can also yield more design opportunities. White louvered shutters are very popular and these make a great alternative to the often tired looking approach of net curtains, whilst also adding an extra element of privacy and allowing plenty of light through at the same time. An even better idea is to split them horizontally, which means the lower half could be private, whilst allowing light in through the upper half.

Full length curtains also work well in this space and provide an opulent feel to the room. Bay window curtain poles are readily available in different sizes, colours and designs. Choose a modern fabric for your curtains and once in situ in the bay window area the finished appearance can be stunning!

If the window is upstairs in a child’s room, what a perfect place to build a toy or storage box. With plenty of space available, it certainly beats having the toys spread across the room just waiting for someone to fall over them!

So, there really are lots of ways in which you can dress your bay windows, with your imagination being the only limit.

Bay Windows – Tips and Ideas