Home Security For Everyone Else

A technology guru could piece together an impressive home security system in record time.

But for the rest of us, something simpler is needed. How can such a complex area like home security be done within a short time? It can be, and there are many different ways to make it happen.

home securityA mischievous little boy was left home alone on accident while his family went on vacation for the holidays in an American film produced a few decades ago. He became very resourceful, going to the department store and hardware shop, and drew out elaborate blueprints for paint traps and buckets of water over doorways.

Even honey slicked floors and banana peels could hold down the fort until help could arrive! In the end, after a few nail-biting scenes and costing his family a small fortune to repair the damage he did, that boy was safe, and the bad guys were nabbed thanks to his efforts.

Thankfully, we do not have to go to such extremes nowadays. Several options are available depending on what your needs are. Video monitoring, wireless cameras and a monitoring video service is a good place to begin.

For doors and windows, there are self installation kits that include sound alarms, or a secured monitored system. Locks are underrated, and a sturdy padlock or two on the garage door may be all you need to keep your tools and automobiles secure.

Shatterproof glass, iron window and door bars with key locks, and external lighting to discourage nighttime mischief also are effective deterrents. Motion sensor lights and alarms both indoors and outdoors can scare away the bravest of ill intended foes, and remote control lights and sound alarms throughout your home activated with your cellular phone or computer at another location can fool someone into thinking someone is there, when you are nowhere in sight.

For those that fancy four-legged companions in home security, a muscular Doberman can provide warnings to an unwanted visitor, as well as inflict significant pain with teeth should its snarling be ignored. Special dog conditioning facilities can provide effective training to your existing pet to aid in protection, as they are akin to being territorial and protecting their home.

Deadlocks, chain locks, and even a chair boosted up under the doorknob as leverage can hinder if not completely discourage a person intending harm. Some have even used dressers and heavy furniture in a pinch, from your hand carved armoire to the floor to ceiling bookshelf holding those 400 plus publications. Some cartoons show somehow, in some way, the weaker person always emerges the hero when facing off with a villain. Two sides to any good protection plan are to plan before the attack, and during the attack. Be prepared for both.

Our valuables, finances, antiques and collectibles are all worth saving, but unlike those which are replaceable, home security protects the irreplaceable, your spouse, mother, father, or child, and your own well-being also.

Put together a defensive home security system plan to protect all that you love, and perhaps you can avoid hanging paint over doorways and smearing honey on the floors.

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