Double Glazing Price Guide

What is the Average Cost of Double Glazing?

double glazing price guideIt’s a question that we get asked quite a lot of times and in truth the answer is not as simple as it sounds, because there really is no such thing as an average property or an average amount of work that need to be done to install the windows.

If you think about it, there are so many factors that can impact the eventual price, such as:

  • Location – London could be more expensive than elsewhere
  • Number of windows & doors to be fitted ( big orders, big discounts
  • Amount of labour, how much extra work is needed to make good around the windows
  • Quality of materials. cheap material, cheaper prices.
  • Seasonal Adjustments – prices lower in the winter?

So, the facts of the matter are these, in that if you actually get an average cost over the phone or from some basic double glazing price guide, you can expect that price to be wrong – if you are really lucky, you may end up paying less, but in our experience the vast majority of people will get an unpleasant surprise.

Our advice will always be to get several written quotes and only then will you know the cost of double glazed windows for your property.

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