Tilt & Turn Windows

Multi functional & Modern

Multi-functional Tilt & Turn Windows.

Tilt & Turn Windows are one of the most unusual designs in that the window sections are engineered to be able to open as a normal window (but inwards) and also have the windows tilt backwards from the bottom of the frame. The use of an ingenious hinge mechanism allows for a very wide opening arc (90 degrees at least) for use as normal, but also the tilting action, which is restricted for safety, allows for excellent ventilation.


Where this design is used as a door (it quite frequently features as a patio door) there is an additional option to include a side to side sliding action for the opening leaf, although you cannot slide the window / door open whilst it is tilted.

Common Features:

  • Multiple point security locks
  • Tinted, tempered or laminated glass
  • Hardwood, softwood or uPVC versions
  • Low threshold options for special access needs
  • Coloured or wood grain frames for uPVC Windows & Doors
  • Reinforced frames & openers
  • Energy efficient double or triple glazed gas filled sealed glazing units

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